Wood, Crystal and water... Essential elements at luxury's service of the most exigent owner. Literally floating on its surrounding ponds, this marvellous mansion boasts the most noble materials ever used: Natural stone façades, select Travertine marble, slate, limestone... Offering peace, serenity and luxurious commodity... Simply Unique.


Built to the highest standards and conceived for sloping plots, Unique Aqua3 is adjusted to the characteristics of the land. The facades and pavement harmoniously share the same elite and elegant white travertine marble. Waterfalls, ponds, fountains... Water is the central element which turns your property into a real paradise on earth.


Spread out over 2 levels and open onto the outside, the Vanguard Plus model has been designed to give wonderful views to the owners across its splendid large windows. Boasting 3 or 4 bedrooms, this modern villa offers a spacious living area with different ambiances, a contemporary master suite with stunning views and a top of the range kitchen in peace with the environment.


Boasting spacious living areas, the Vanguard Basic collection gives priority to open spaces offering lots of light and wonderful views across the large grey windows. Available in 3 different colours, Vanguard Basic is spread out over one level. The modern master suite offers several distribution options.


Order, elegance and modern design at volume's service: Harmony Duo turns the exterior into the extension of the interior reaching true harmony with the swimming pool, the garden and the porch. Fitted with natural materials, Harmony Duo lives around his central skylight which makes the water and the light, the lung of the property. Find your harmony, find the balance with Harmony Duo.


Built around its central skylight, Harmony gives a lot of light to all the areas of the property. Spread out over one level and fitted with natural stone, Harmony is an avant-garde villa on the top of the state-of-the-art architecture. Add waterfalls, an automatic gate or any extra module... And leave you personal touch on the Costa del Sol.

Harmony is the thread of AVYMOM: we find it on the facades, in the materials, in the colours, in the distribution... In order to preserve this Harmony, AVYMOM has created AVYMOMHOUSES, the creative division of Interior Design & Landscaping.

According to your exclusive villa, AVYMOMHOUSES will offer customised interior design solutions which will fit your needs giving you a property ready to move into.

Paths, terraces, trees, garden furnitures... AVYMOMHOUSES will optimise the available land in harmony with your preferences always respecting the environment of your property.

Always according to the Harmony, the landscapers of AVYMOMHOUSES will suggest several gating solutions, automatic or not, and, of course, garden design.

To complete the project, AVYMOMHOUSES will offer you the best lighting solutions: beacon, wall lamps, floor lamps, ceilings... Always looking for Harmony inside and outside your villa.

AVYMOMHOUSES only works with renowned international and national trade brands respecting the owner's budget at all times.

A large number of properties located on the Costa del Sol are starting to suffer the unavoidable passing of time. Luxury large villas highly priced in the past are living an aesthetic and an economic loss of value with the arrival of avant-garde building designs and their technology as well as their energy efficiency which has led to an evolution in buyers requirements.

At Marbella Platinum, we are proud to represent exclusively a new property design concept in order to respond to this new tomorrow's homes exigent demand. In association with the best state-of-the-art architects of today and advanced top quality building processes, we have created a Brand which will draw the future of Marbella: AVYMOM.

Give your personal touch to your property choosing the final aspect of the facade and the interior finishings between a high number of options: AVYMOM will create exactly what you wish giving you a personal turnkey project where you will find nothing to worry about.

AVYMOM offers a basic property catalogue where you can add as many elements as your imagination desires. Without surprises in the final price and in a shorter time period than you expect, you will enjoy your dream property in the most prestigious area of Marbella.

Get ahead with AVYMOM

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